Leslie Highlight

Leslie Highlight

Everyone likes options. But sometimes the path to having options is complicated. Or expensive. Like with boards - it would be great, most can agree, to be able to hit the lake one day, ocean the next. But buying two boards is less than great. 

The good news is you don’t have to, as long as the one board you do buy is the Leslie. 

There is only one Leslie in our lineup - standing at a height of 5’6’’, 20.7’’ width, 34.3L volume. From that single board and size emerge all sorts of possibilities. 

In the ocean it’s part of the shortboard family, meaning maneuverability and performance. But it’s built with more stability than our other high performance shortboards, so you can walk down and hang five.

Behind a boat it’s on the longer end of conventional wakesurf size. The shape gives it a cruisy feel, bounce for a good time. It’s an accessible ride, something you could get a first-timer up on. 

Named after Austin legend Leslie Cochran, The Leslie draws from every tradition and rejects the demand to be just one thing. The result is a free-moving and limitless board. If you like options and want a single steed that gives you a bunch of them, consider this the hand of fate.

The Leslie is in stock and available to ship. Order online or through any of our physical retail locations. 


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