Cousin Greg Highlight

Cousin Greg Highlight

Installment number two - the spotlight falls on the Cousin Greg, our flagship longboard. 

As you would expect out of any high volume longboard, the Cousin Greg offers a stable foundation, and grabs waves with enthusiasm. Some of the more unique aspects of our design, such as the flat belly, make the ride experience of the Cousin Greg singular for its maneuverability.

Wide tail and nose mean you can walk all up and down this thing, hang ten, set-up a folding chair and read a book, or even get your balance impaired cousin upright.

As a big volume longboard catching waves is a breeze on the Cousin Greg, but catching is just the start. The fragile tradeoff between width and maneuver on this board means you can noseride anywhere in the wave. Every decision was made with the aim of making this the ultimate noserider, behind the boat or on the open sea. 

It’s here for the same reason we are: a damn good time. And it is now in stock and ready to ship.

Check out the size guide to figure out which specific flavor of the C.G. Is right for you.


Cousin Greg Longboard Surf Size Guide

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