The story of a land-locked dreamer determined to build a different kind of surf company. Alec grew up wakesurfing in Austin, TX, and traveling to surf distant coasts with friends and family along the way.

The journeys and the destinations opened him to new experiences and fresh ways of looking at life. Embracing passion. Devotion to craft. And never being in a rush.

So after college, he got right to work not getting job, and instead learned the art of handmaking, shaping, designing, and customizing surfboards & wakesurf boards for all sorts of waves.

Today we still travel the world as much as possible, seeking new experiences, better materials, and unique methods to making whatever connects more people to the feeling of manana. Our boards are made in Baja, and our shops in Austin (on land, on the lake, and on wheels) are open to all who seek a different way to surf.