Darnelle Highlight

Darnelle Highlight

Miss us? The hiatus has nothing to do with employee incompetence and everything to do with the weather now being a bit more favorable to surfing. So we’re highlighting the distinguished boards of our Surf Line.

We’re starting in the middle. The Darnelle. Our Midlength Surf Board. It comes in two sizes, both of them in the moderate range in terms of length, width, and volume.

This board does not have the sharp edge and light maneuverability of our shortboard, The Diablo, or the huge wave-gripping volume of The Pintail. The inverse of these facts is that it maneuvers better than the Pintail and catches waves easier than the Diablo. This is the nature of being in the middle.

There are certain waves for which a mid-length is particularly suited, such as waves that lack shortboard power but just aren’t very long-boardable. But for the most part, what drives people to this board type is a preference for the flowy surf style it gives.

There are moments when it you could almost forget what you’re riding and think you’re on a shortboard. But unlike a shortboard you can walk all the way up this thing, hang five, and surf parts of the wave you just can’t with a shorty.

The best of both worlds, you might say. Shop the Darnelle online, customize your own using our customizer tool, or come see it in person at the shop.



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