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The Terry is our highest performing wakesurf board in the lineup. Features a blunt nose crafted using feedback from talented riders wanting to take their surfing to the next level. The Terry is a versatile template that is very fast and perfect for those looking to focus on out of the water tricks. Also: looks damn cool.
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Our boards are the brain children of our founder Alec Cameron. Alec has been shaping boards for over a decade. It started as a passion project - he wanted to make a board that didn’t exist. He wanted a board he didn’t have to worry about dinging, that you could throw over your shoulder or into the back of your car with ease, that would be safe for the ride to the beach and would perform at the highest level when you got there - a board to put the focus back on the waves.

It didn’t happen right away. Years of trial and error, misfires and late nights. 60 hour weeks worked in his mom’s garage, personal injuries, disillusionment. But the goal beckoned, and Alec persisted. What you see now is the result - the board that didn’t exist then does now.

We believe in our boards and think it’s basically impossible that you won’t love them. So it’s free everything - shipping, exchanges, returns. Which, actually, is a sort of empty promise. Because you’re going to love the board.