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Terry - Manana Surfboard

Terry - Manana Surfboard

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Introducing the Terry Surfboard, a masterpiece designed for optimal performance on the waves. Crafted with precision and innovation, this surfboard is a reflection of your dedication to the sport.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just beginning your journey, the Terry Surfboard is your ultimate tool for conquering the waves with style and skill.


  • Aerofused EPS/PVC foam core
  • Biaxal Twill Kevlar Fiber for Durability
  • Contrasting Carbon Fiber Twill Fiber for Flex
  • Biaxal Vacuum Flex Glassing
  • Colorsure Epoxy Coating
  • 5-fin accessible to customize the ride
  • Full Traction and Wakesurf Fins Included
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For the high performing, and those who are trying to get there. Designed to offer the greatest maneuverability with high-wire tricks in mind. Flies well for aerial maneuvers and surfs great backwards. The Terry has a little flatter tail making it super easy to break free but also keep in line.