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  • Aerofused EPS/PVC foam core
  • Biaxal Twill Kevlar Fiber for Durability
  • Contrasting Carbon Fiber Twill Fiber for Flex
  • Biaxal Vacuum Flex Glassing
  • Colorsure Epoxy Coating
  • 5-fin accessible to customize the ride
  • Full Traction and Wakesurf Fins Included
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The Molo is our go-to wakesurf board. Whether you're just letting go of the rope, learning to do turns and 360's, or already boosting airs and pulling alley-oops, this is the most dependable performance wakesurf board you've ever ridden. The result of nearly 10 years of shaping quality wakesurf boards - we have no doubt you'll love this board behind the boat.

Every mañana wakesurf board is made to be the most durable and highest performing board possible. Being fed up with boards that ding and break, Alec went to work on a 10+ Year journey solving the never ending problem with wakesurf boards - Damaged equipment.

Each board is made using our proprietary lightweight foam core and glassed by hand to ensure maximum quality. Then the board goes into a vacuum bag which disperses epoxy resin perfectly even throughout the entire wakesurf board, and soaks up any excess so there is no added weight. We use composites meant for durability without sacrificing flex and boy can you feel the difference.

This along with some proprietary trade secrets make mañana boards the most durable and lively feeling wake surfboards on the market