How Our Boards Ship

How Our Boards Ship

Packaging matters, especially when the highly valuable item therein will be traversing the (inter)national mail and shipping system. 


We put a lot of thought into the packaging of our new line of boards. There’s a layer just for shipping, a layer for storage, and a layer for surfing. There are as follows:


Shipping Layer: Heavy-duty, Mañana-branded, washable paper, with a thread stitch-seal sewn around the outside. To prevent any grime accumulation in transit.


Storage Layer: A handy Mañana board-bag. Padded from protection, with pockets for gear and trinkets, a handle and strap for easy carrying. 


Board Layer: The new Mañana board line - lighter than ever, just as durable. Water ready. Shapes, sizes, and colors, of course, varry. 


And here’s a little layer-by-layer video our founder Alec Cameron threw together for your erudition and entertainment.   

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