Introducing the Journal

Introducing the Journal

This is the Mañana Journal. We’re breaking into journalism.

There are a handful of reasons this exists. 

We here at Mañana, like most people everywhere, are content creators. We make video content about our travels and our products, water-related educational content, surf and wake content, etc. We also get content from our dashing and enthusiastic brand ambassadors. We also have a whole list of other sorts of content we don’t make yet that we’d like to. 

The inevitable question that comes with all this content is where to put it. There are rational and data-driven ways to answer this question that our social media quant has tried multiple times to explain to us. We don’t really understand those. 

So we decided to make one place where an account from Alec’s latest trans-pacific escapade, videos about board features, and testimony from our ambassadors can all live together. Among, of course, other things. 

It’s like Mañana’s multi-media travel diary. 

Our ultimate goals for this are no less than Pulitizer wins and international commendation. Along the way we’re also hoping to inform, entertain, and connect all of you. 

Coming tomorrow: Spotlight on our new board shipping and packaging technology. Founder and expert board-unpackager Alec Cameron threw together a little video to take us through the pieces, and show us how to rip it all open.

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