MOLO Highlight

MOLO Highlight

Board spotlights - one board per light, stage all to themselves. All seven of our boards will get the treatment over the next couple of weeks. You might see board specific size guides, detail photos, and stories behind the shape - that sort of thing. 

First up, The Molo.

The product of a decade's refinement, the Molo is the eldest of our seven boards, and so naturally the first we wanted to drop the spotlight on. 

Slight tweaks over time have perfected the idea of a generalist wakesurf board that accommodates a wide range of skill levels and balances performance with cruisy feel.

Light and compact with a surf style rail that offers more pop and feel than the average wakesurf board, The Molo is the best all around board in our lineup.

Available in three colors and four sizes, there’s a Molo for everyone.

In stock and ready to ship.


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