Terry Highlight

Terry Highlight

There are times when you say screw the cruise, the ten hung, the fun — I just want cold, hard, performance. And while you’ll get plenty of performance all the way down our wakesurf lineup, there’s one board that represents the pinnacle of technical ability.

The Terry. 

Our highest performance wakesurf board. Crafted with a blunt nose template and harder rails, the Terry moves like a dagger through the water. It will rip a turn at high speeds on a fraction of a dime, and can also get up out of the water for aerial maneuvers. 

It’s the board for you if you want to take your wakesurf to the high echelons of trick and performance. It also just looks cool, and can in fairness be ridden by someone who is not yet doing aerials, but wants that option. 

The size guide below will walk you through which variation of Terry is right for you.


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